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  • Take advantage of our time to save event
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Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

What's thas the best temperature for the PLA+ ?

The suggested temperature recommendations from our PLA+ are: 

Extrusion temperature:  180 °C – 220 °C

Heated bed temperature: 40 °C – 60 °C.

The PLA+ needs glue or masking tape on the bed?

The answer is no, our PLA+ stick easely on any kind of bed, (Glass, magnetic, etc).

Can i use PLA+ on a markforged FINDER? ( doesn't have bed heater)

Yes,  we have a lot successful tests on the markforged FINDER.

What is the time expectancy to get more PLA?

We are working in order to speed up our production process, we expect to have more available soon.

During checkout it said that shipping was not available, how do i solve this?

Hi, the minimum order is for three rolls, in case that you add less than that you would not be able to order.

I tried to place an order for more pla but the website tells me that there is no address on file. Which it is. Can you help me ?

Dear customer.

We are sorry for your issue with the mailing address.The minimum order is for 6 rolls and sometimes if you are trying to buy less the web site does not recognize the address. Thank you very much for your understanding we are very sorry for the inconvenience.