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  • Take advantage of our time to save event
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PLA+ $10 /each Kg (Limited Time Offer – Free Shipping)

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Precision +/- 0,03 MM

Diameter: 1,75 mm

Weight: 1 Kg / 2,2 Lbs

Printing temperature: 180°C – 220°C

Heated bed: 40 – 60°C

RoHS Compliant

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Light Blue #29B6F6, Blue – #1565C0, Violet – #6B37C2, Brown – #4E343E, Army Green – #003000, Apple Green – #489F33, Red – #F91B4B, Orange – #FF582D, Pink – #FF6596, Yellow – #FFEE59, Crystal – #NNNNNN, White – #FFFFFF, Black – #000000, Gold – #AD964E, Silver – #8A9597, Fluorescent Orange – #FF7B15, Fluorescent Green – #C6FF00, Fluorescent Yellow – #FFEE00, Mustard – #EED269

8 reviews for PLA+ $10 /each Kg (Limited Time Offer – Free Shipping)

  1. Thomas Schreiber (verified owner)

    used about half a spool. prints beautifully no issues and a nice finished look

  2. matts5074 (verified owner)

    Good stuff. The black filament prints well and has a nice sheen to it without being too glossy. I ordered 10 spools a few months ago and just came back to get 10 more!

  3. Mark Henrikson (verified owner)

    I biyght a bunch of your PLA+ when it was on sale and I have been very happy with it. I have printed a number of projects so far and it has behaved well. It sticks to my Ender 5+ bed well, does very little stringing. Just great all the way around. I have the white, silver, and gold so far.

  4. weston1968 (verified owner)

    Just finished my first 8 rolls and getting great results. Sweet spot is 215 C to 225C and a speed of 70mm/sec. The filament is hard and strong with a very black and very glossy finish. Just ordered another 20 rolls.

  5. brandon.hepner (verified owner)

    This filament is great and very reasonably priced! Parts come out with an excellent finish and are very strong. I have best results printing at 210-215C on my ender 3s.

  6. Süsswasertang

    Was skeptical about this stuff, there were only two types of reviews: that it was the best filament ever or saying it was the absolute worst. I decided to risk the $100 and bought the 10 for 100 deal. I was really surprised. No, it doesn’t come vaccum sealed 100% of the time, but in my order I didnt have a single issue with wet filament. Good bed adhesion. This review is not fake, I know now you’re probably thinking it is because I said it isn’t. But anyways. I know I’ll be buying again. (Highly recommend silver, my favorite color)

  7. Jesse D

    Great PLA for everyday use. I’ve done masks, miniatures, etc. with zero issues. I’m lazy so I leave my PLA out for weeks at a time and I’ve yet to have brittle PLA whereas other brands can’t be left out a week with getting brittle PLA mid a role. I’m not 20ish rolls with This color and if I could get GST3D to do 5kg rolls I’d get way more as I plan to get a print came going.

  8. woodwaker_dave (verified owner)

    This is a great deal. I just received my second shipment of 10 rolls for $100, withe free shipping.
    Here is a link to my you-tube showing it printing.

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